Art Torres

​​​In cases of emergency, call 911, and state that it is involving possible Human Trafficking.

Contact IHTTF 1-800-346-4006

​​Art Torres has been in the investigative business for over 20 years. Mr. Torres was the original partner in 1983 International Enterprises a Guard Company in San Diego California, he was involved with construction security and the building association of America. He also had formed a investigative firm in 1984 it was called San Diego Private Detectives (S.D.P.D).

At one time Mr. Torres was a part of investigators unit for the public defenders office. In 1985 he began his career as a bounty hunter in San Diego. Mr Torres was the only civilian that had the ability to work along side San Diego Police Departments Fugitive Apprehension Unit formed by Ret. Sgt Gordon Redding.Since then Mr Torres has made over hundreds of arrest and has been across the United States several times. At one time Mr Torres was considered the only Bail enforcement agent in Las Vegas that could rely on the U.S Marshals for assistance.

Since the inception into the bail world. As a investigator he had been involved with cases from missing persons to San Diego's Most Wanted. Mr Torres has held the position of Executive Protection agent, his clients have include lead singer of the Beach Boys Brian Wilson, Ozzie Smith of the San Diego Padres, Pietro Lagrecka the founder of several international money exchanges in San Yisidro California and many more.

Mr. Torres motto has always been" better to be heard then to had been seen". As of recently Mr Torres was the owner of 2 Bail Bond agencies in Las Vegas Nevada. At present he is a part of Logan Clarke investigative task force, both here in the states and internationally. Mr Torres is looking forward to being a part of the Human trafficking unit as he is a father of six, he takes a personal interest in helping solve these types of crimes against humanity.

CELL: 818-793-2252