My name is Holly Austin Smith, and I am a survivor of Human Trafficking.

                                              When I was fourteen years old, I ran away from home with a man I had met

                   at a shopping mall in Ocean County, New Jersey. After exchanging numbers, this man called at night while my unknowing parents watched television in the living room.

When immigration agents raided the nondescript house in a quiet Atlanta neighborhood, the officers found slave quarters: 6-by-8 cold, uninsulated closets where young women were expected to have sex with 30 or 40 different men every night. The girls were beaten regularly.  They could not leave the premises or make contact with anyone without permission.

Stories of Human Trafficking

LOS ANGELES –  Three Americans "tourists" are on their way home from Cambodia Monday after being arrested in an ongoing federal sex tourism investigation.

The arrests are part of “Operation Twisted Traveler,” an effort by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to identify and prosecute American sex tourists in Cambodia.

​​​In cases of emergency, call 911, and state that it is involving possible Human Trafficking.

Contact IHTTF 1-800-346-4006