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Logan Clarke

Logan Clarke has spent 30 years in Government and Private Investigations and in many circles, is considered one of the top investigators in the world today. He has been profiled in a BBC documentary, 5 books, Newsweek Magazine and dozens of other publications and TV shows around the globe.

Mr. Clarke and his team have investigated over 8000 cases from MURDER to the “Mann Act”, they have rescued over 300 kidnap and runaway victims, many of whom were forced into HUMAN TRAFFICKING, not only in third world countries like Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Europe, but right here in the United States, in towns that are as “American as apple pie.”

As an undercover agent, Logan has infiltrated organized crime groups, motorcycle gangs, Fortune 500 companies and even gotten himself • hired to kill his own client. He now trains and directs major undercover operations around the world for numerous agencies.† Mr. Clarke is has been an expert consultant on such shows as, 60 minutes, 48 hrs, 20/20, KABC Radio and many others.

Mr. Clarke is a former Governor of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF LICENSED INVESTIGATORS (the largest such association in the world) He is also a member of the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF DETECTIVES and one of the founders of the INTERNATIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING TASK FORCE.

Clarke has been and continues to be hired by the governments of The Philippines, USA. UAE, Sweden and Germany, as well as many of the Fortune 500 companies.

He was awarded the INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATOR OF THE YEAR in Dublin Ireland in 1997.

Newsweek Magazine has reported on cases of Mr Clarke and stated in an article featuring him, that •If Humphrey Bogart were alive today…he would be playing Logan Clarke.”

The 2013 rescue from Mexico of two kidnapped Texas boys received international acclaim and earned KXAN in Austin Texas, the coveted Edward R. Murrow award for 2013, and most recently Mr Clarkes investigation of the Casey Kasem case for Mr Kasems daughters was highly publicized throughout the world.